An organization of military parents dedicated to the support and encouragement of military personnel and their families.


                                           Drop Off Locations Below

ITEMS FOR TROOPS (based on actual troop suggestions)

Food Items* (individual sizes are best):

  • BEEF JERKY- (the #1 requested item),  pepper jerky, slim jims
  • Tuna or Chicken Creations / Lunch Kits with condiments
  • Individual Microwavable foods- Easy Mac, canned soups, stews, etc  
  • Instant Oatmeal or Cream of Wheat packets

Drink Items (smaller containers please):

  • Tea- herbal/flavored (in individually wapped)
  • Good Ground Coffee
  • Creamer and sweetener and sugar packets
  • Pre-sweetened powdered drink mixes (Crystal Light, Gatorade, lemonade, etc.)
  • Hot Chocolate/Hot Cider Packets

Snack Items* (individual sizes are best):

  • Breakfast Bars, Granola Bars, Protein Bars
  • Microwavable Popcorn/Chex Mix
  • Chips- (in cardboard containers only)- Pringles, Fritos, Doritos
  • Nuts – pistachios, peanuts, cashews, sunflower seeds, corn nuts
  • Trail Mix
  • Salsa (no glass containers)

Candy/Sweet Items:

  • Candy- gummy bears, jelly beans, red vines, twizzlers
  • GUM, Breath Mints
  • Fruit Snacks
  • Rice Krispie Treats
  • Cookies- chocolate chip, Oreos, oatmeal, Girl Scout Cookies

Hygiene/Clothing Items:

  • Good razors & shaving cream (non aerosol)
  • Body wash (smaller size) NO BARS OF SOAP PLEASE
  • Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion (smaller size)
  • Deodorant (no aerosol)
  • Toothpaste/toothbrushes
  • Good quality boot socks for women and men – black, green
  • Boxer Type underwear - all sizes
  • Tee Shirts- all sizes
  • Sports bras/panties
  • Sunscreen


  • Puzzle & word game books
  • Hand held or board games (small size)
  • Disposable Cameras
  • Batteries all sizes in original packaging-including Lithium 123 size for flashlights
  • Squishy Balls, Velcro Darts, Nerf footballs, (Any small sport type)
  • Recent magazines- especially sports,  car, health, women’s  (not older than 3 months!)
  • DVDs (TV series, comedy movies, NO VHS tapes please)
  • CDs- Rock, Country, R&B, Rap, Alternative


  • Small plastic bowls to heat microwavable items
  • Zip Lock Baggies (snack and sandwich sizes)

*No Home-Baked Goods              *No Perishable Foods                   *No Pork Products

                                CARDS AND LETTERS ARE ALWAYS WELCOMED!
If you donate in-kind gifts, please consider a donation for postage to ship these items. One package
costs $12 to ship. We are now using PayPal to accept your online donations.

Donation Drop Off Locations:

  • Postal Solutions  *  4733 Torrance Blvd * Torrance * (310) 371-7184