An organization of military parents dedicated to the support and encouragement of military personnel and their families.



Thank to the following people and companies who support us:

Our Drop Off Locations:
     Postal Solutions – 4733 Torrance Blvd – Torrance

Postal Solutions- To Arnie and his crew who assist with mailing all our Care Packages and who keeps
                                     a donation jar out that wonderful members of the community contribute to.

Raytheon  and it's Employees
Torrance Women's Club

Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 53 – Redondo  Beach
Run For The Wall

Bert Lynn Middle School-CA Jr. Scholarship Foundation- Torrance
St. Martin of Tours Elementary School- Los Angeles
St. Peter and St. Paul School- Wilmington
Venturing Crew 948- Torrance

Web Hosting/Design Services:

Mike Wilkinson – - Stanton

 **To all those wonderful anonymous members of our communities who so generously open their 
hearts with donations of items for the care packages and the money to be able to send them out.
                                                                 WE CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH!